Do I Need An Expensive Website? No.


Many in web development know that the internet has changed how we launch start-ups and grow existing small businesses. Mobile devices have dramatically changed how consumer initiate commerce. Although change to the brick and mortar landscape is difficult to accept, small business owners know the traditional business model is outdated.


Small businesses are now looking for ways to create a commanding web presence and know survival in this new mobile world is more difficult than ever before.  For many small businesses this is a stressful time and getting it right is paramount. 


All to often web and SEO service developers push vulnerable small business owners into expensive web services knowing an accelerate mobile page or a promotional website with superior technical support is just as effective.


How Important Is A Domain Name? Very.


What web developers and SEO scammers don't want you to know about internet search. Search algorithms match queries with most commonly searched keywords. Having a domain name that's specific to your industry will ensure dominating search results. Moreover when website data signals are highly predictable and structured, search engines can more effectively organize and display a keyword search query.

What are keyword search queries? Let's say a consumer is searching  "campers for sale".  Having your web address "campers for sale" puts your product "campers for sale" in front of  thousands of real engagement searches as well as provides effective signaling for search algorithms.



Can Google Ads Help My Brick & Mortar Location Compete? Yes.


Many in web service and traditional media want small business to believe that ineffective content writing ,wildly dysfunctional SEO strategies, coupons and print design are still driving the majority of consumer sales.


With consumers driving less, desktop and mobile search exploding. Web service, traditional advertising and marketing agencies are leaving brick and mortar owners feeling scammed. 


Brick and mortar needs to understand that digital advertising is very complex. When considering a digital advertising agency make sure the agency and representative has a minimum of 7 to 10 years experience. It's very easy for unscrupulous digital advertising agencies to rip your company off with digital ad fraud strategies.



Will Empire Builders Work With Basic Websites? Yes.


Empire Builders has taken on the giants with basic websites. it's our for forte! Empire Builders digital strategies work well with single page lead generation sites to hundred page e-commerce sites.  Empire Builder's has a track record of placing websites on page one within days, not months using our digital strategies. Empire Builder's digital strategies makes yesterday's content writing, SEO, print advertising and coupon strategies look outdated and ineffective. Many of the digital strategies defined above are used today by manufacturers, distributors, e-retailers and service providers.

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