The days of overcharging for "throw-it-against-the-wall and see-if-it-will stick" digital advertising, claims of big reach and unprecedented engagement are over. With Google's recent announcment eliminating tracking technologies, this is no time for media outlets and publishers to throw in the towel. Empire Builders has solutions with a reputation to back it up!

Who We Are 

Empire Digital Media has a decade of vetted digital research and development and global online advertising experience. Our hyper-targeted no-track consumer concepts are ideal for voice search marketing, digital advertising, online product sales, service companies, main street retail and American manufactured direct to consumer ecommerce.

Empire Digital Media has consulted with top ad executives, small and large businesses and have helped startups launch in the global digital economy. We have proven our highly effective hyper-targeted digital advertising solutions are the future of no-track online behavioral advertising.

In a consumer data privacy and down economy environment, it is imperative to have ad platforms that are highly relevant and hyper-targeted to a user’s search query to competitively advertise across all content and devices.

Empire Digital Media has proven promotional landing page sites that effectively use exact match product and service keyword domain names like “cyber deals” “women’s clothing” or “HVAC contractor” which allows for a sigificant advantage over the biggest competitors. Our pioneering concepts are currently  being supported by the largest market disrupters.  With ad revenues cratering, natural-language mobile search taking over and consumer data privacy in play, it's critical to have a strategy in it is too late.   If your media outlet or ad agency isn’t embracing these new digital concepts profit on ad revenue will become non-existent.

As voice search meets natural speech algorithms in a consumer data privacy environment, we believe media outlets and ad agencies that promote and manage websites that use long-tail, mashup, wildly-misspelled, numerated, hyphenated and double lettered domain names will continue to fall victim to a natural language internet.


To survive the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression, media outlets and ad agencies, must understand how today’s "in-the-moment" mobile consumers initiate product and service consumption. Online consumers today have cast overboard the traditional way of doing commerce and it will only get worse as consumers embrace the ease of use online digital economy.

As many small and medium size media outlets and ad agencies contemplate their future, the advertising giants are rubbing their hand together knowing furloughs are the first indication that bankruptcy and or closings are just on the horizon. The vacuum that is being created will be impossible to head off without soild digital advertising strategies that add value.

Contact Empire Digital Media today for an engaging consultation and learn how our partnership programs and digital marketing stratiegies can help your media outlet or ad agency survive today's ad revenue uncertainties.

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